Traffic Factory 2 Review

Episode 308 – Traffic Factory 2 Review

Traffic Factory 2.0 Review   I was in two minds to post this review on my Beers with Adam site. It’s a software that is very powerful. But you’ll need to have the right mindset and application to get the most from it. If you are a person that will put in some work and…

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Quantum Commissions Review

Episode 307 – Quantum Commissions Review

Quantum Commissions Review UPDATE: LAUNCH CANCELLED I am a big fan of JayKay’s products. He teaches well on the subjects he knows, which to my knowledge at least, are things pertaining to paid social media to landing pages to build list and put targeted prospects through funnels. In this post, I’ll be reviewing his latest…

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PPC Steps

Episode 306 – PPC Steps Review

PPC Steps Review From Nov 18th 9AM EST… PPC stands for Pay Per Click. And this is one way successful CPA marketers drive massive amounts of traffic and make decent money. Like all forms of marketing though, it’s NEVER as easy as the serial product launchers make out. Those folk play on the naive and…

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Increase Academy Review

Episode 305 – Increase Academy Review

Increase Academy Review It seems that mastering digital marketing is impossible. There is a ton of stuff to learn. And as is the nature of all things online, softwares go out of date, new techniques appear as technology evolves. How can anyone keep up at all? Even within the sub niche of video marketing, things…

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MetaDomainer Review

Episode 304 – MetaDomainer Review – Plugin

MetaDomainer Review Launch Start:  Thursday Oct 17th 11:00am EST Launch End:    Thursday Oct 24th 11:59pm EST Buying and selling domains is a profitable business. if you know what you are doing. There are few people that know the amount that my friend Gene Pimentel does and for a while now I have been a member…

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Socom Profits Review

Episode 303 – Socom Profits Review

Socom Profits Review LAUNCHING 8th OCTOBER 9AM EST Facebook groups can highly profitable if done right. Crafting a community of as many like minded individuals and then recommending affiliate offers or selling physical products that they could want is  Socom Profits is anew training by David Fearon who is a full time online marketer specialising…

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IM Checklist Review

Episode 302 – IM Checklist Review

IM Checklist Review To do lists are designed to help you get stuff done. On a personal level, I write them most nights and spend the next day going through them and checking things off as they get done. Doing so has greatly helped my productivity. That said, when you are venturing into something new,…

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Episode 301 – Social video Adz Review

Social video Adz Review Video ads on Social media are very effective.  This is why so much training and software revolves around them. But still, many struggle. Social Video Adz by Ryan Phillips and Jamie Ohler is a training that tries to change all that. It’s not perfect, but it’s very good IMO. The training…

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Social Kickstart 2 Review

Episode 300 – Social Kickstart 2.0 Review

Social Kickstart 2.0 Review Running a Facebook Fan Page or any social media account for that matter can be a tedious and time consuming affair. You need to post multiple times a day. Every day. 365 days a year. Stop posting and you will find less and less people will see your content. Your reach…

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Video Content Pack Review

Episode 299 – Video Content Pack Review

Video Content Pack Review Launches Wednesday, September 18th 10AM EST.  Ends -Sunday, September 22nd Crafting good quality video content is one of the toughest elements of being a video marketer. Even more so when you want to do it consistently. So when my friend, Steve Chase told me he had made a new product called…

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